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Find an apartment rental in Bogota with us, luxurious and affordable apartments available for you in Medellin, Bogota and Cartagena.

Apartment Rental in Bogota

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Apartment Rental Colombia can assist you in finding savings for any of the following services in Bogota 'The Athens of Latin America':

N. American/Bilingual staff
    Transportation options
  • Taxi
  • Tourism Bus
  • Private 4x4 with chauffeur
  • Car rental
Cell phone rental
Personal Chefs
Personal assistants
Cleaning & laundry services

Bogota Tourism
Spanish classes
Dance classes
City & Museum Tours

Luxury & Tourism Services
Sailing rentals & classes
Transportation throughout Colombia
Health Spa & retreat networks

Medical & Dental Services
Cosmetic/plastic surgeons
Weight loss medicine
Eye care
Fertility experts
Orthopedic doctors
General Medical/Surgical

Bogota Downtown

Bogota Transmilenio